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Update - Yes, We're Still Here! The Good and the Bad!

Wow! Sometimes life just flies by - has it been over 2 years since we have posted?  Guess so.  We will try to update each area separately.  Most blogs over-glamorize homestead life. We will spend some time updating both the good and the bad in each category.

The Garden The good: We are still raising a good garden each year. It seems like our main crops are lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, potatoes, squashes, and tomatoes. We still use a slightly modified Mittleider method which means yes, we do add some fertilizers.  Patrick is an engineer by day-job and we can guarantee you that our little bit of fertilizer a) add less salts and b) has a lower carbon footprint than all "organic" gardening you can compare it to.  We also utilize our home-grown chicken, rabbit, and goat manure/manured hay for soil building and nitrogen.

The bad: We lose our sweet corn almost every year to raccoons. We have decided that they are smarter that we are. Also, we could not get peanuts to germinate last y…