Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Window cleaner

     Okay, I am going to admit that I really don't enjoy cleaning house.  I love the house when it is clean and everything smells fresh but actually doing the work is one of my least favorite things to do.  I would rather be outside with the children or with the animals.  I don't even mind weeding the flower beds and the garden and mowing the grass can be quiet meditating.  So amazingly enough I have cleaned several windows today.  What, you may ask, ever inspired me to do such a thing like that?  After all, that is housework.
     It really was a combination of things.  First, the front door had so many hand prints on it that I thought my vision was going blurry.  It had to be cleaned and I couldn't put it off another day.  Next, I made my own window cleaner!  Yep, that's right! I made it all by myself with things I had here at home.
     I guess your wondering why I would ever make my own window cleaner.  That stuff isn't very expensive at the stores and I don't use it that often.  Well, my daddy always calls me a tightwad.  He says that I am so tight that I squeak when I walk.  So this one is for you daddy!
1/4 Cup Alcohol
1/2 Cup Vinegar
1-1/2 Cups Water
Food Coloring Optional
     True, it does only cost pennies.  This helps our budget.  (Yes I said that bad "b" word.)  I am a stay at home mom so I try to save money whenever possible.  This was a "no brain er" product to make.  I use three ingredients:  water, vinegar and rubbing alcohol (I also chose to add a little food coloring for color so the kids didn't use my window cleaner to spray my plants or each other).  The way I figure it I pay less than a quarter for my new cleaner.  Now that is affordable!

     My first thoughts were, "vinegar and alcohol is sure to leave an odor".  I was wrong.  As I used the cleaner I couldn't really smell it even though I tried.  The true test was when the children came home from school.  Not a word from them either.  Matter of fact, I got so excited about my new "affordable" product that I even cleaned all the windows in the car.  Again, not a word from the children.  So there was obviously no odor.  I generally clean my windows with a product that has ammonia in it.  Now that stuff leaves an odor every time I use it.
Window with handprints
Window after using my new cleaner

     Does it work as good as the store bought products? You betcha!  Matter of fact, it might work better.  The windshield in my car has never been so clean.  Plus it inspired me to clean windows.  That was worth it all.  Maybe next time the windows need cleaning I want dread it so bad knowing that I made the cleaner for a whole lot less money than I could have bought it for.
     If ever you need to clean your windows and you dread it terribly, try making your own window cleaner.  It may inspire you like it did me.  Also, if you run out of window cleaner and you need to clean up before the company comes, this is an easy product to make with things you can usually find in the cabinets.

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