Thursday, March 14, 2013

Maple Syrup

Yes! It is possible to make maple syrup down here in the southern mountains! We are so excited and blessed because we didn't think it would work. Anyway, we will post some more pictures later, but here is our sap take from Saturday:

Our gathering system is as simple as stainless spiles from ebay, and buckets from the dollar tree:

We boiled down about 4 gallons of sap and made 1/2 pint of awesome maple syrup. For Sunday supper we had pancakes with homemade syrup, wild boar sausage, and our own goat's milk! 


  1. That is fantastic! Our neighbors set up their buckets earlier this week. Y'all sound blessed. God is good. So thankful its getting into Spring!

    1. We are blessed indeed! By the way "In Christ Alone" is one of our favorite songs - thanks for sharing it on your blog.