Friday, June 28, 2013

Compost happens

I have always wanted to have my own compost. I have read articles, books and different other materials to try and learn how to make compost.  I felt overwhelmed by all the information: mixing the correct amount of greens, container to hold my material, turning, and so on.
Composting seemed like so much work.  I didn't really want to put the time, money,and effort into those new task right now.  So I decided not to pursue it at the present time.  Wait until I was more confident on how it worked and had more information and money to start up my compost.  
You can imagine my surprise when I discovered compost right on my own property and I had helped to make it happen.
 My secret?  As you already know we have goats and chickens and rabbits.  A wonderful mix, much to my surprise, for compost making.  
Goats love to waste hay!
Goats are terrible wasters of hay.  They do not believe in the 5 second rule.  They believe if hay touches the ground it cannot be consumed.  I found a lot of good hay laying around under the hay trough.  Not wanting to be wasteful like my little goat friends, I wanted to find a use for this seeming good hay.  At the same time I no longer wanted to buy wood shavings for the chicken coop (we have had so much rain that we have to have something in the run or it becomes a "mud hole"). So I looked at the hay and then at the chickens and decided that the chicken coop could use the hay for refreshing.  All hay that is not eaten in the goat lot now goes in the chicken coop.  I also reserve a small amount to go under the rabbit cage to keep it from smelling.
My pile of stuff from
the chicken coop
I practiced putting hay from the goats to the chickens for several months.  The time arrived that I needed to clean the chicken coop.  I shoveled and pitch forked the stuff out of the chicken coop into my cart and hauled it to a pile out behind the coop.
Can you see the worms?
They are everywhere!
As winter came on I saved leaves and put them in the chicken coop. When the time was necessary I would clean the coop and add to the pile outside.  I knew that their was tons of worms in the poop pile because I would help my son catch worms for fishing.

 But wow! There is compost in that pile!  Rich black dirt!  I made composite without even trying.  The top of the pile still has some hay on it but dig down and you'll find some of the richest dirt around.
I have since used the compost in a strawberry bed, in flower pots, and to plant herbs in.  My husband used some in the garden also.
I have learned that composting does not have to be complicated or expensive.  I know there are people who make wonderful compost that far exceeds what I have done, but for now I am very happy with my new found pile of "compost".  Happy farming!
Article written by Michelle
This is a hollowed out log I used as a
flower planter.  I also used compost
in it.
My new strawberry bed is growing well.
That black dirt you see is my compost.

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  1. Compost is easy. It's a lot easier than "experts" seem to say. I'm glad you discovered this the natural way!