Friday, February 22, 2013

Day five: Milking the Goat

The weather is a little warmer today at 34 degrees and raining.  I had a very busy afternoon yesterday so I didn't get to pre measure my grain so I had to do that before I went into the barn.  Just as yesterday I also added an apple to the feed.  I am prepared to milk that goat.

As I enter the barn Sadie quickly jumps up on the milk stand and puts her head in the slot.  I plug in the light and dump in the feed.  Securely lock the goat in and I am ready to begin.  My husband so graciously fixed the stall so the kids did not get out last night and they are now bawling for breakfast. I wash the utter and proceed to milk.
Sadie is getting more comfortable to the routine because she is no longer leaned up against the wall.  This should make my job easier.  All odds are in my favor this morning: kids are in the stall, everything is prepared, lights are working great, more food than in the past, and Sadie is more relaxed.  I begin with a smile on my face and hope in my mind.
I start on the right teat (Sadie's favorite).  I squeeze and squeeze but can't seem to get any milk.  I change my position many times, to no avail.  By this time Sadie is at least half finished with her feed and I have no milk.  I decide that something is wrong with my technique.  I think through what I have read and what I have done in days gone by.  I am having a hard time figuring out what I am doing wrong.  Finally, out of desperation I try using my left hand.  I have never tried this before.  Much to my surprise I get milk.  Thinking maybe she has just now let down her milk, I try again with my right hand.  No success.  Somehow I have forgotten how to milk correctly with my right hand.
So I try another experiment (what have I got to lose).  Milking with two hands.  Ha, ha!  When I grabbed hold of both teats Sadie jumped like there was an Electrical shock went through her.  Needless to say, I don't think she was ready for that.  I tried a few more times with much the same effect.  I wasn't really ready to do this and Sadie definitely wasn't ready.  I decided to continue back with my left hand and her right side. By now she is basically finished with her feed.  I decide to finish up for today.  I let the kids out and they finish the job for me.
I didn't get much milk and I feel somewhat confused as to why I couldn't milk with my right hand. I will look back in my books and on some blogs and refresh my mind and skills.  As for now, I'll just say, " there is always tomorrow".

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  1. I am also new to goat milking. We have a Nubian with 3 kids born Feb.3. I decided to milk in the pm leaving the kids with mom all night (until they are 6wks) and day. I am also only getting about 1/4 cup of milk.